Wheel of Fortune slot machine rules, payouts and bonuses

Wheel of Fortune slot machine review

Wheel of Fortune is one of the most popular games among gamblers. It always delivers big wins and offers lots of bonuses. One of the most lucrative versions of Wheel of Fortune slot machine is Triple Extreme Spin, which was developed by IGT company. The game has 3 special symbols, 2 bonus rounds and huge payout level.

Slot machine basic features

You can play Wheel of Fortune slot machine online on the preferred casino’s website. Just gamble for free or try real money bets. Here are the most important features of the game you have to know:

  1. There are 720 ways to win a prize by receiving a certain combination of symbols;
  2. The minimum bet in the game is equal to 50 virtual coins;
  3. You can choose coin value. It varies from 1 to 1000 credits;
  4. Wheel of Fortune slot machine max bet reaches 50 000 credits;
  5. The game has 2 additional rounds that are triggered by special symbols;
  6. There are 5 virtual reels to spin.

The slot’s controls are a bit scattered. The “Spin” button is situated on the right. On the left side of the game field, you’ll find one more button. It’s green with white arrow pointer. Press it to choose coin value. All other info is provided by the third black button in the upper right corner of the screen. It gives you access to paytable, rules, player protection, etc.

The game’s RTP varies from 92% to 96,08%, which is not very high level. As for Wheel of Fortune slot machine odds to get a win, the rules say they’re always the same for any particular outcome, no matter how big your balance and bet are.

Slot machine symbols and payouts

There are 9 basic images in the slot. They all have a certain value for players. You’ll receive a prize if you get at least 3 Wheel of Fortune slot machine symbols on the positions that fit 1 of 720 ways to win. The highest reward is granted for 5 images of a kind. The list of maximum payouts is the following:

  1. The games’ title symbol – x10 000;
  2. Cruise ship – x1000;
  3. Green gem – x400;
  4. Sport car – x300;
  5. Apple – x125;
  6. Cherries – x100;
  7. Orange – x100;
  8. Plum – x50;
  9. Bananas – x50.

There is also 1 Wild symbol in the slot. It doesn’t have it’s own value, but it can substitute all the basic images to help you get winning combinations. Wild symbols appear only on the reals number 2, 3 and 4.

How to play bonus rounds?

There are 2 bonus rounds in the game, which are Wheel of Fortune slot machine jackpot substitute, cause they’ll deliver really big rewards. The first one is triggered by 3 or more Scatter symbols. If you get the combination, each image will transform into spinning wheel with segments and pointer. The pointer will randomly choose your prize. It’s maximum size is x3850 here. All the rewards are multiplied by the coin value.

The second round is triggered by at least 3 bonus images. If you’re lucky here, the slot machine will deliver wins better than any jackpot. The round starts with opening envelopes. There are twelve of them, while you’ll be able to open only part of envelopes. Their number is equal to the number of images that triggered the bonus. Each envelope contains a pointer for red, blue or yellow wheel. When the choice is done, spin these wheels. Every pointer you’ve got will show the prize you’ll receive. Red wheel’s most valuable sector grants 5000 coins. In the blue one, the maximum award for 1 pointer is 1000 coins. At last, yellow wheel will multiply the wins up to x10 for 1 sector chosen.